Aluminum coating selection of electrophoretic coating

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Aluminum coating selection of electrophoretic coating

Alkali resistance and good adhesion, but also to choose the electrophoresis line with high-quality paint production equipment.

While the price of low-grade paint is 20 yuan / kg, then the production cost per 1001 electrophoretic aluminum coating cost difference is 14x (yuan. However, the rate of low-grade paint is generally 90%, while the high-quality mature high-end well-known brand of its paint Rate of more than 99%, so that the former 100t aluminum electrophoretic scrap was 91. We know that the general price of electrophoretic aluminum is 20000 ~ 23000 yuan / t (including 8% of the wrapping paper), and if it becomes a waste (light Material) can only value 11,500 yuan / t, so you can calculate the high-quality mature mature brand paint can save you more dollars.

There is a relatively simple but not accurate method of how to test the yield rate. It is difficult to find five aluminum profiles produced by electrophoretic coatings with high yield, in general, Pinholes and bubbles above.

2 Select the film quality electrophoretic coating Choose electrophoretic coating, in addition to considering its operational stability and yield, but also from the formation of the film after the paint film quality and performance to examine.

Electrophoretic coating of aluminum, the only drawback is that the surface of the film hardness is not high enough, and film hardness is proportional to the corrosion resistance and other indicators. Therefore, the film hardness is the manufacturer's concern. GB / T5237.3-2000 standards, the hardness of not less than 2H (China brand pencil hardness) is qualified.

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