Carbon anode anode demand status in 2018

- Apr 14, 2018 -

Carbon anode anode demand status in 2018

In 2018, the national output of electrolytic aluminum is estimated to increase by 6%. The output of major electrolytic aluminum producing regions such as Xinjiang and Shandong is estimated to be equal to that of 2017. The growth of electrolytic aluminum production in other major producing regions is expected to be as follows: Inner Mongolia increases by 500,000. Tons, 400,000 tons in Guangxi, 300,000 tons in Yunnan, 300,000 tons in Shanxi, 200,000 tons in Guizhou and 200,000 tons in Liaoning, totaling approximately 2.1 million tons. Compared with 2017, the demand for aluminum anodes is expected to increase by about 1 million tons in 2018. Regarding exports, there will be no major changes in the export of aluminum anodes in 2018, which will remain at the level of 1 million tons.

Combined with the new aluminum anode production capacity at the end of 2017, the new anode production capacity in 2017 can fully meet the development needs of electrolytic aluminum in 2018.

  • High purity form 2124 aluminum rolling
  • Al-Si Alloy Aluminum Powder
  • Valve Body
  • 3003 Aluminum Plate
  • 1100 Aluminum Coil
  • 5083 Aluminum Coil

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