Foam aluminum material can be applied where

- Aug 16, 2017 -

The use of foamed aluminum instead of foam or foamed resin material can improve service life and reduce maintenance, but also eliminates the harmful effects of traditional materials in vehicle accidents, greatly reducing the loss of traffic accidents and casualties. Also played a role in environmental protection.

Foam aluminum can also be used to make urban tracks, viaducts next to the noise floor. Internationally recognized as the ideal sound insulation screen, close to the noise source side with sound absorption function, the overall noise function. The best sound insulation screen is made of aluminum foam material, the outer side of the aluminum veneer, the inside of the bare aluminum foam, with sound absorption function, you can sound 20 ~ 30dB. Semi-cylindrical aluminum foam and steel back or concrete back composed of sound-absorbing devices have been developed for use in highway bridges, subway noise control.

  • 5052 Aluminum Sheet
  • 2A14 Aluminum Bar
  • 5052 Aluminum Tube
  • 3004 Aluminum Coil
  • Electronic Aluminum Foil
  • Bottle Cap Aluminum Foil

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