International aluminum news

- Mar 24, 2018 -

◆ The court documents submitted by the Hawaii State government show that the state is scheduled to file a formal amendment on March 8 to oppose the new version of the immigration restrictions signed by Trump and will require the issuance of a “temporary restraining order”, that is, a settlement in judicial proceedings. The relevant provisions of the previous laws will not be implemented. The state became the first state in the United States to oppose Trump's new version of the immigration restrictions.

◆ Morgan Stanley: The market expects that the European Central Bank will end QE in 2018. The first interest rate hike is July 2019.

◆ Wall Street Journal: The international fund settlement system suspended contacts with several North Korean banks and cut off the key links between North Korea and international financial information. This is happening when the UN finds loopholes in North Korea's international sanctions.

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