Japan's real GDP annualized adjusted value was 1.2%

- Mar 25, 2018 -

◆ In the fourth quarter of last year, Japan's real GDP annualized adjusted value was 1.2%, expected 1.6%, and the previous value of 1%. The trade account deficit in January was 853.4 billion yen, with an expected deficit of 800.2 billion yen and a previous value surplus of 806.8 billion yen.

◆ IFOP poll results show that French presidential candidate Le Pen’s support rate in the first round of voting is still expected to be 26%, Macron’s decline is 0.5 percentage point to 24.5%, and Freihl goes up by 1 percentage point to 19.5%. Hamon’s decline is 0.5. Percentage to 13.5%. Mark Long expected to beat rival Le Pen with 60.5%: 39.5% in the second round of voting.

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