Light aluminum foam using the automotive industry

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Foam aluminum material lightweight structure, energy absorption and noise control and other superior performance, so that in the automotive and transportation industry has a wide range of applications. The car increasingly to the lightweight, low energy consumption, more safe and comfortable direction, for this need to use low density, comprehensive performance, high utilization of recycled materials. The EU's plan to implement the bright European plan is to study the application of aluminum foam in the car. The use of foam aluminum material components, the rigidity of the car frame has been strengthened, the stability of the framework can be increased by 30%. Car manufacturer Germany Karmann AG has made use of foam aluminum sandwich panels to manufacture car roof and bottom plate, the stiffness of 7 times higher than the original steel components, and its quality is 25% lighter than steel; with aluminum foam sandwich plate manufacturing Car floor, the quality per square meter than the steel floor to reduce about 50%. The Australian Light Metal Performance Research Center (LKR) and the German BMW (BMW) jointly developed a foam aluminum structure of the engine bracket, to improve the high quality of the engine at the same time, but also the dissipation of mechanical vibration and thermal energy, the impact of vibration And security can be improved.

Aluminum foam material to absorb the impact of energy performance is strong, by the impact of plastic deformation occurs, absorb the impact of external load, can effectively protect the safety of vehicles and occupants. The quality of 1500kg car to 48km / h speed collision, the impact area by 1000mm × 150mm, the thickness of 20mm, then the foam aluminum can absorb all the impact energy of 84%.

  • 5A02 Aluminum Sheet
  • 5083 Aluminum Sheet
  • 7050 Aluminum Rod
  • 7A09 Aluminum Rod
  • 1060 Aluminum Tube
  • Aluminum Spring Door

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