Non-ferrous metal Zijia aluminum ready for war

- Feb 05, 2018 -

Non-ferrous metal Zijia aluminum ready for war

Since 2016, the small metal industry chain has shown varying degrees of rise, while the simplest logic behind it is driven by capacity-building. This led to the rise of non-short-term phenomenon, but a cyclical rise from the local varieties to the overall industry pick up.

Recently, cobalt, titanium, tungsten and other small metals appear in A shares; trading heat, the occasion of the outbreak of small metal theme, there are investors to invest in the relative; big metal trend. This year, copper, aluminum, zinc and other futures prices are no shortage of bright spots. Especially aluminum, aluminum futures in Shanghai this year, A-share part of the subject matter as well as non-ferrous grade funds have reaped a good record. Not only that, aluminum-related investment in the third quarter will have more highlights.

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