Sintered alumina material (plate corundum) applications

- Aug 16, 2017 -

(1) As the customer in accordance with the tonnage of steel to pay for refractory costs, so the refractory does not consume the better, and the less consumption, so the higher the profit. To reduce the consumption of refractories, improve refractory profit, it is required to improve the quality of refractory products manufacturers, and actively develop high-life durable refractories. The use of corundum as the top aggregate of alumina aggregate is more widely used.

(2) due to energy-saving emission reduction requirements, electricity prices, is bound to bring the price of fused white corundum. Refractory raw materials applications, the most competitive raw materials for corundum white corundum, fused corundum use reduced, will greatly increase the use of corundum plate.

(3) plate corundum market capacity will be further expanded

Plate corundum can be used as a main component for aluminum carbon, aluminum and magnesium carbon, magnesium aluminum carbon, magnesium spinel, aluminum chrome refractory bricks, but also as a rich alumina component into the high aluminum Refractory materials, can be widely used in steel, casting, ceramics and other industries, its steel industry application covers almost the entire process of iron and steel.

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  • 6A02 Aluminum Rod
  • 1060 Aluminum Tube
  • 3004 Aluminum Coil
  • Industrial Mechanical Aluminum Profile
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