Aluminum template feast open

- May 11, 2018 -

Aluminum template feast open: how to get a share?

  The market demand for blowouts and the increase in the number of scales, the development of China's aluminum formwork industry ushered in a period of high-speed development opportunities. How do you get a share of the feast? Quite a deer, who can laugh to the end? The 2018 China Aluminum Construction Template New Technology Development and Key Project Cases Exchange Conference held in Hangzhou on April 19-21 was popular and the atmosphere was warmly received. This grand event greatly affected the organizer China Template Scaffolding Association and China Aluminum Formwork Industry Development Alliance. It is expected that the organizer Zhejiang Yike Construction Technology Development Co., Ltd. is really alive.

  • Beer Mark Aluminum Foil
  • Concrete Church Aluminum Dome
  • Brushed Aluminum Sheet
  • Lubricated wear 5083 aluminum rolling
  • 7075 Aluminum Sheet
  • 1100 Aluminum Coil

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