2018 Aluminum Ingot Price

- Jan 23, 2018 -

2018 substrate accessories prices across the board

In 2018, the price of basic building materials (cement and sand) rose from 700 yuan / ton to 600 yuan / ton, up 17%; steel and concrete rose to 850 yuan / ton and 96 yuan / ton respectively, up 21.3% and 28.2% . Decoration materials, paint coatings, wire and cable, waterproof coating rose more than 10%, of which the increase is even higher gypsum 78%.

The overall price of decoration materials rose, the first is affected ordinary citizens. In fact, the end of each year is the peak of submission, most owners also hope that as soon as possible after the completion of the renovation of new homes, you can catch in New Year before moving into new homes. Although, every season decoration materials prices will be about 5% increase.

2018 aluminum ingot price forecast: the price of aluminum ingot or will rise to 18200 yuan / ton

In the tide of rising raw materials prices, aluminum prices also did not stop the pace of rising, in August when aluminum prices have already exceeded 16,000 yuan / tonne high. However, when we think that the price of aluminum ingot is already very high, the result will continue to be as high as the price of real estate, so that you may doubt your life. In 2018, the price of aluminum ingot will rise to 18,200 yuan / ton, up 16.7%.

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