213 Industry Standards And 9 Standard Samples, Such As Powder Coatings For Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles, Were Submitted For Approval

- Mar 24, 2018 -

213 industry standards and 9 standard samples, such as Powder Coatings for Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles, were submitted for approval

According to the industry standard revision plan, the relevant standardization technical organizations and other organizations have completed 8 items of the chemical industry standard such as “slow running shoes”, 23 items of metallurgical industry standards such as “wax and stone bricks,” and 42 items of building materials industries such as “concrete wall hanging plates”. Standards, 122 non-ferrous industrial standards such as "silica fume for silicone", 12 petrochemical industry standards such as "industrial isoprene", and 6 revisions of rare earth industrial standards such as "Oxidation", "Copper Oxide Spectrum "Standard samples" and other nine non-ferrous industry standard sample development work. Before the approval of the above 213 industry standards and 9 standard samples, it was specifically announced to further listen to opinions from all sectors of the society. The deadline is April 6, 2016.

  • Aluminum Precision Forging Motor Parts
  • Aluminum Garderobe Profile
  • Aluminum Frame Workshop Office Partition
  • 5A06 Aluminum Bar
  • 6061 Aluminum Rod
  • 5754 Aluminum Coil

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