6005 Alloy

- Mar 09, 2018 -

6005 alloy is widely used in the extrusion of common aluminum, where the strength of the material than the 6063 alloy extrusion profiles and pipes can be used to produce this alloy, and 6063 alloy, they are pure Al-Mg-Si alloy, Except for Mg and Si, it does not contain other alloying elements. Mg2Si is the only reinforcing phase, and Mg2Si is all formed by Mg and Si. Excellent extrusion performance and low sensitivity to quenching, the extruder can be quenched online, wall thickness ≤ 3mm material can be air-cooled quenching. Another outstanding advantage of them is the smooth surface, easy anodizing and coloring. 6005 alloy is currently widely used to extrude profiles and pipes for products such as stepladders, wheelchairs, TV antennas, cradles, etc. It should be noted, however, that 6005 alloys are not available to withstand impact loading structures.

  • Powder Coating Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile
  • Thermal Break Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile
  • 7075 Aluminum Sheet
  • 5086 Aluminum Tube
  • Aluminum Casement Door
  • Aluminum Spring Door

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