7039 Alloy

- Apr 14, 2018 -

7039 alloy

The 7039 alloy is a U.S. alloy and was registered with the Aluminum Association of America (AA) in 1962. In addition to the general properties of Al-Cu-Mg alloys, it also has excellent low temperature properties. Its Zn/Mg is less than 1.5. Its composition (mass %): Si0.30, Fe0.40, Cu0.10, Mn0.10~0.40, Mg2.3~3.3, Cr0.15~0.25, Zn3.5~4.5, Ti0.10, other impurities 0.05, total 0.15, remaining Al, for welding cryogenic pressure vessels (liquid oxygen, nitrogen, or hydrogen vessels ≤ -195°C), and armor plates and general structures

  • Household Aluminum Foil
  • High Pressure Aluminum Alloy Die Casting
  • Aluminum Profile Classical Sunshine Room
  • 7075 Aluminum Sheet
  • 3000 Aluminum Disc
  • 5000 Aluminum Strip

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