Aluminum Casting

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Aluminum casting refers to the use of casting processing and obtained pure aluminum or aluminum alloy equipment. Generally, a sand mold or a metal mold is used to pour the aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to a liquid state into the mold cavity, and the obtained aluminum parts or aluminum parts of various shapes and sizes are usually called aluminum die-castings.

The complex casting of aluminum castings is a new technology that takes electromagnetic pump low pressure casting technology as the core, aluminum smelting and molding compound purification technology and manufacturing core to produce high quality aluminum casting modern technology. Solenoid Pump Low pressure die cast metal melt delivery system has a steady flow, convenient flow control, ease of upside down aspiration of molten aluminum during process and ease of implementation with the automation of the use process, which not only improves cast quality in cast aluminum castings but also You can also improve the working environment. Reduce labor intensity, to achieve automated and modern casting production.

An important part of the purified fused-cast enamel alloy castings is the aluminum smelting and compounding purification facilities except gas injection and spin-on-foam ceramic filters with high degassing, except for the performance of metal inclusions. In addition, it uses a new long-life liner material with a stand-alone thermal insulation / heating system that can be used for a large number of continuous production, as well as intermittent production. This technology has high melting aluminum efficiency, long life, low cost effective, easy to install, use and flexible.

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