Aluminum Coil Related Technical Standards

- Jan 18, 2018 -

Aluminum coil related technical standards

Hot stamping foil GB / T 10456-1989

Chemical reagent - Determination of aluminum - General methods

General specification for ribbon cable connectors

GB / T 9489.4-1988 Ember content in aluminum oxide complexometric titration - fluoride release assay

GB / T 9438-1999 aluminum alloy castings

Cast aluminum ingots GB / T 8733-2000

Zirconium - aluminum alloy ring pieces and pieces for suction

Zirconium - aluminum alloy composite strip for suction

Zirconium - aluminum alloy powders for inspiratory use GB / T 6452-1986

Industrial anhydrous aluminum chloride

Water purification agent aluminum sulfate

GB / T 1871.3-1995 Phosphate rock and concentrate - Determination of alumina content - Volumetric method and spectrophotometry

Remelting aluminum ingots GB / T 1196-2002

Technical code for dustproof and anti - virus production of aluminum electrolysis GB / T 17397-1998

GB / T 17208-1998 Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment Part 18: Blank detail specification Non-solid electrolytic chip aluminum fixed capacitors Assessment level E

  • Aluminum Frame Toilet Partition
  • Aluminum Frame Workshop Office Partition
  • 3A21 Aluminum Plate
  • 1050 Aluminum Coil
  • Industrial Mechanical Aluminum Profile
  • Aluminum Folding Door

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