Aluminum Foil Classification

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Aluminum foil classification


Foil thickness differences can be divided into thick foil, single zero-foil and double-zero foil.

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil

① Thick gauge foil (thick gaugefoil): a thickness of 0.1 ~ 0.2mm foil.

② single gauge foil ("medium gauge foil"): thickness of 0.01mm and less than 0.1mm / foil.

③ Double zero foil ("light gauge foil"): The so-called double zero foil is its thickness in millimeters when there are two zero-point after the decimal point, usually the thickness of less than 0.01 aluminum foil, which is 0.005 ~ 0.009mm aluminum foil . Foreign sometimes the thickness of ≤ 40ltm foil called "light gauge foil", while the thickness of> 40btm of aluminum foil collectively referred to as "heavy gauge foil."


Aluminum foil can be divided according to the shape of rolled aluminum foil and sheet aluminum foil. Foil deep processing of the majority of the supply of rolled wool supply, only a handful of handicraft packaging occasions with sheet aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil can be divided according to the state of hard foil, semi-hard foil and soft foil.

① hard foil: unsmilled (annealed) after rolling aluminum foil, without degreasing, the surface Bu Bu Shan. Therefore, the hard foil in the printing, laminating, coating must be degreased before, if used for forming can be used directly.

② semi-hard foil: aluminum foil hardness (or strength) between the hard foil and soft foil aluminum foil, usually used for forming.

③ soft foil: After rolling fully annealed and soft aluminum foil, soft material, the surface is not residual oil. Most applications, such as packaging, composites, electrical materials, etc., use soft foils.

surface condition

Aluminum foil according to the surface state can be divided into a light aluminum foil and two sides light aluminum foil.

① single-sided light aluminum foil: double-rolled aluminum foil, sub-roll one side bright, - black hair, such an aluminum foil is called a light aluminum foil. The thickness of a light aluminum foil is usually not more than 0.025mm.

② double-sided light aluminum foil: sheet rolled aluminum foil, both sides and roll contact, both sides of the aluminum foil roll surface roughness due to the different is divided into two mirror light aluminum foil and ordinary two light aluminum foil. The thickness of the two-sided light aluminum foil is generally not less than 0.01mm.

Processing status

Foil according to the processing state can be divided into prime foil, embossed foil, composite foil, coated foil, colored foil and printed aluminum foil.

① prime foil: After rolling without any other processing of aluminum foil, also known as light foil.

② embossed foil: the surface pressure of a variety of patterns of aluminum foil.

③ composite foil: the foil and paper, plastic film, cardboard fit together - from the formation of composite aluminum foil.

④ coating foil: coated with various types of resin or lacquer aluminum foil.

⑤ colored aluminum foil: the surface coated with a single color aluminum foil. ⑥ printing foil: the formation of the surface by printing a variety of patterns, patterns, text or picture of the aluminum foil, can be a color, up to 12 colors.

Soft aluminum foil can be further suppressed into four zero-foil, for high-end decoration.

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