Aluminum Status

- Feb 01, 2018 -

1, F: free processing state is suitable for the molding process, no special requirements for work hardening and heat treatment conditions

Products, the state of the mechanical properties of products is not regulated

2, O: annealed state for fully annealed to obtain the lowest intensity of processed products

3, H: work hardening state For work hardening to improve the strength of the product, the product can be hardened after processing

(Or not) additional heat treatment to reduce the strength. The code must be followed by two or three Arabic numerals

4, W: solution heat treatment state An unstable state, only applies to the solution heat treatment, the natural aging at room temperature

Alloy, the status code only indicates that the product is in a natural aging stage

5, T: heat treatment state (different from F, O, H) Suitable for products after heat treatment, with or without hardening to reach a steady state, must have one or more digits after the T code.

  • Lighting Cover
  • 6063 Aluminum Sheet
  • 2024 Aluminum Bar
  • 5083 Aluminum Coil
  • 5000 Aluminum Disc
  • 1000 Aluminum Strip

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