Automotive Aluminum Ushered In The Golden Period Of Development In China

- Feb 28, 2018 -

Automotive aluminum ushered in the golden period of development in China

"Three or four years ago, at that time, there were not many joint ventures and indigenous technologies that could be used in all the Chinese OEMs, and most of the aluminum was imported, but now aluminum applications in China . "Liu Qing, managing director of Novelis China and Asia vice president of Novelis Asia, has a strong voice in this regard.

As a global manufacturer of aluminum rolling products, Novelis has a high global market share of around 15% and annual shipments of nearly 3.5 million tons. In the automotive aluminum applications, Novelis is also the industry leader, the global market share of more than 50%. It is worth mentioning that more than 50% of the raw material profits of Novelis are recycled through recycling, that is, the closed-circuit circular economy of low-carbon manufacturing.

In China, the first production facility of Novelis was officially completed in Changzhou in October 2014, and it is also China's first automotive aluminum heat treatment plant. In an interview with Netease Auto, Liu Qing said that the Chinese brand for the automotive aluminum demand has ushered in the outbreak.

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