Boeing Aviation Board Yantai Longkou High-end Aluminum Materials Industry Has Been In The Ranks Of The Advanced Countries

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Boeing aviation board Yantai Longkou high-end aluminum materials industry has been in the ranks of the advanced countries

Recently, Nanshan Aluminum's first batch of Boeing aviation plate factory ceremony was held in Nanshan Group Aviation Park, witnessed the first batch of domestic and foreign experts Boeing aviation sheet factory. "Being a Boeing supplier is by no means a trivial matter and now the first materials manufactured at Nanshan are shipped to Boeing to prove the strength of Nanshan Aluminum," said Jeff Brad, a Boeing representative.

It is understood that Boeing companies to choose the harsh conditions of global suppliers, including the company's quality system must meet the aviation standards; trial batch products must have complete performance data, and to be fully qualified for each batch; products in bulk Before delivery, must pass Boeing engineering and technical departments on-site audit and so on. "The aviation industry is one of the strategic emerging industries made in China by 2025. Nanshan Aluminum has achieved zero breakthrough in the development and mass production of aviation aluminum materials." Nanshan Aluminum Vice President, Air Material Park Manager Lu Zhengfeng conceal excitement. "Enter Boeing suppliers, Chinese aluminum companies can also be with Alcoa, Kentucky and other aluminum tycoons on an equal footing."

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