Chinalco Shandong Company's Transformation And Development Project Presses Construction Fast Forward Keys

- May 16, 2018 -

Chinalco Shandong Company's Transformation and Development Project Presses Construction Fast Forward Keys

  Recently, 100,000 tons of plated corundum projects in the three projects of aluminum-based new materials industry of Chinalco Qilu Industrial Park Phase I, the main plant steel structure installation is nearing completion, and equipment installation has also been completed more than half; at the same time, the company has established functions. The material factory, whose management staff has been put in place, is preparing for the trial run. In the first phase of the other two projects, 100,000 tons of fine molecular sieves and 150,000 tons of new environmentally friendly adsorbent materials are also going well.

  • Aluminum For Cable Industry
  • Diamond Aluminum Plate
  • Hot rolling of 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Automotive Oil Pump
  • 5A06 Aluminum Sheet
  • 5083 Aluminum Bar

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