Construction Of Advanced Aluminum Processing Base To Build Nanning, China Aluminum Valley

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Construction of advanced aluminum processing base to build Nanning, China Aluminum Valley

In order to speed up the development of aluminum processing industry with South-South Aluminum as the leading factor, Nanning-Nanning Aluminum Co., Ltd., which already has "shotguns and guns", has been upgraded to become the leader in the 100 billion-yuan aluminum industry in Guangxi, with academicians such as Wang Guodong, CAE, Zhang Xinming, Guangxi Business and Entrepreneurs Association, Professor Wang Chunwei, senior engineer and other three Nanning City consultants were made on the basis of recommendations, Nanning Municipal Government held on January 16, 2018 to build advanced aluminum processing base forum, Mayor Zhou Hongbo, Academician Wang Guodong and his team, Secretary Huang Zongcheng, Tian Jiaquan, Deputy Secretary General, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, ICBC, Human Resources and Social Council Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Investment Promotion Bureau, SAC, Industrial Investment Group, South-South Aluminum Processing Company Responsible person and Municipal Bureau of Finance, Development Research Center responsible person to participate, the forum hosted by Vice Mayor Zhu Huidong.

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