Copper Clad Aluminum Features

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Copper Clad Aluminum features

(1) Most of the copper clad aluminum wire is produced by internationally advanced coating welding technology. Copper layer with high density, good conductivity of high purity copper, and aluminum core to achieve metallurgical bonding, better adhesion; copper layer along the circumferential direction and longitudinal distribution, good concentricity. The standard stipulates that the thinnest point of the copper layer in the circumferential direction shall be not less than 3.5% of the wire radius for 10A and 10H wire and not less than 5.0% of the wire radius for 15A and 15H wire.

(2) Under the same quality and diameter conditions, the length ratio of copper clad aluminum wire to pure copper wire is 2.45: 1 ~ 2.68: 1, thus greatly reducing the cost of cable production;

(3) Copper clad aluminum wire is more plastic than pure copper wire, and unlike aluminum oxide insulation will not be generated, so it is easier to process;

(4) copper clad aluminum light weight, easy to transport, installation and construction. It must be pointed out that due to the mechanical properties of copper clad aluminum wire and pure copper wire is not exactly the same, should pay attention to the construction, and continue to accumulate experience

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