Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

- Feb 13, 2018 -

Copper clad aluminum wire

Copper Clad Aluminum is the aluminum core wire coated with a thin layer of copper and copper and aluminum interface atomic bond metallurgical bonding, the formation of a new conductor material. It not only displays the excellent electrical conductivity of copper and the light weight of aluminum, but also overcomes the defects that aluminum is easily oxidized, the contact resistance is large, the joint is difficult to be welded, and the scarce copper resource in our country is greatly saved and the cost of the conductor is reduced. Therefore, China's cable industry is gradually expanding its scope of application.

Copper clad aluminum wire cross-sectional area of the proportion of copper layer called the "volume ratio of copper." Copper clad aluminum wire volume ratio can be divided into:

a. The volume of copper layer accounts for 8% ~ 12% with 10%;

b. The volume of copper layer accounts for 13% ~ 17% with 15%.

Copper Clad Aluminum by processing the state can be divided into:

a. Retains hardened conductors hardened during drawing;

b. Soft conductors that eliminate work-hardening by annealing.

Copper clad aluminum wire of the physical properties and mechanical properties between the copper and aluminum wire between the two. In terms of chemical properties, the surface of the copper wire has better oxidation resistance; the surface of the aluminum wire is easily oxidized to form alumina, which increases the contact resistance of the wire; the copper layer on the copper clad aluminum wire cuts off the surface of the aluminum wire from the air Contact, so the oxidation resistance is better, but the end of the wire exposed copper and aluminum two kinds of metal, as the two electrode potential difference between a large, prone to electrochemical corrosion in humid medium, which is the use of attention .

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