Development Trend And Problems Of China Aluminum Deep Processing Industry

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Development Trend and Problems of China Aluminum Deep Processing Industry

In 2016, the actual output of aluminum processing materials in China will be about 33 million tons, an increase of 10% over 2015. According to the "Thirteenth Five-year Plan" for Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Development of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the output of aluminum materials will reach 40 million tons by 2020-2016 The average CAGR of aluminum production will keep at 5.92%. As a result, China has become a veritable aluminum processing power. According to the requirements of national manufacturing 2025 planning development, China's aluminum processing industry faces the supply side changes and product mix adjustment as other industries , Industrial optimization and upgrading of large-scale, high-performance aluminum strip, pipe, profiles, forgings are widely used in transportation (subway, high-speed rail, etc.), aerospace, marine vessels, packaging and other national economic development and national defense construction, The key material technology remains to be broken. The future development of China's aluminum processing industry is an opportunity but also faces many challenges.

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