Electrolytic Aluminum: Configuration Window Opens, Layout Of The Entire Industry Chain

- Apr 29, 2018 -

Electrolytic aluminum: configuration window opens, layout of the entire industry chain

SMM statistics show that on April 19, 2018, domestic domestic electrolytic aluminum bank inventory was 2.248 million tons, which was an increase of 17,000 tons from the previous week. It superimposed ā€œIā€ colored aluminum rod inventory data, totaling 2,349,000 tons (among them, aluminum rod stocks 10.1 10,000 tons, a decrease of 0.9 million tons), an increase of 0.8 million tons from the previous week; LME stocks were 1.396 million tons on April 20, an increase of 51,000 tons from the previous week, of which, beginning April 19, the inventory fell. During the week, the social aluminum inventories of electrolytic aluminum increased year-on-year, mainly due to two factors: first, aluminum ingots remained in stocks to maintain normal; second, aluminum prices continued to soar (14,450ā†’15090 yuan/ton), resulting in a deepening of downstream sentiment and affecting compensation. Library willingness. We believe that in the short term, the game between price and inventory is a normal phenomenon. With the gradual destocking of downstream enterprises, the demand for rigid restocking will show up, and then the heuristic pressure brought by the increase in hedging prices (that is, the price Increased acceptance.

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