EU Issued Joint Statement Seeking Permanent Exemption From US Steel And Aluminum Tariffs

- Mar 26, 2018 -

EU issued joint statement seeking "permanent exemption" from US steel and aluminum tariffs

     The leaders of the European Union member states issued a joint statement on the 23rd, calling on the United States to "permanently" exempt EU import tariffs on steel and aluminum products.

     President Donald Trump of the United States announced in early March that the United States is scheduled to start on March 23 the import of steel and aluminum products, respectively, 25% and 10% tariffs.

     The White House announced on the evening of the 22nd that the United States will temporarily exempt European Union, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and South Korea's steel and aluminum tariffs; exemption from the May 1 deadline, whether the continuation will be decided by the United States based on negotiations with the economies.

     The EU summit was held in Brussels on the 22nd. Leaders of 28 member states issued a joint statement the next day, saying that they noticed that the United States temporarily exempted EU steel and aluminum tariffs and called for the US to grant “permanent exemption”.

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