Ford To Reduce The Use Of Aluminum Materials To Seek Other Ways To Lose Weight

- Aug 16, 2017 -

According to "American Automotive News" reported that Ford executives recently revealed that the future for profit considerations, Ford will reduce the use of aluminum materials in the car.

Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford America, said the company will seek a better and more efficient way to improve the fuel economy of the car. Aluminum material still has a certain status, but not as large as the use of aluminum F-150 large-scale use.

"Consumers want to get better fuel economy, but there are other better ways to get fuel economy," said Han Ruiqi, adding that Ford and other carmakers will likely only have access to doors and hoods, etc. Location using aluminum material.

Ford's new aluminum pickup, the F-150, has been on sale in November, and in addition to the next generation Super Duty will use aluminum cars, Han Ruiqi refused to disclose whether the other body in the future plans to have aluminum.

In addition to the use of aluminum, Ford began to use other materials to achieve the purpose of reducing weight. The Wild Horse Shelby GT350R, released at the Detroit North American International Auto Show, reduced body weight by 52 pounds (about 19.4 kg) by using carbon fiber wheels and also by removing 350R air conditioning, stereo, rear seats and other non-essential facilities Method to reduce the weight of the vehicle 70 pounds (about 26.1 kg), but in the actual production Ford will not use this way to achieve the purpose of reducing weight

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