In 2016, China's Imports Of Bauxite From Malaysia And India Fell By 68.96% And 41.9%

- Mar 19, 2018 -

In 2016, China's imports of bauxite from Malaysia and India fell by 68.96% and 41.9%, respectively, from last year, which was 7.45 million tons and 4.53 million tons respectively. Due to the Malaysian mining ban and strict bauxite transport policy, major Chinese buyers no longer depended on Malaysian bauxite mines last year. Weiqiao Aluminum was a major consumer of bauxite in India before, but due to increased supply of bauxite in Guinea, the company stopped purchasing Indian bauxite in April last year. Affected by this, despite the fact that Xinfa Group resumed the import of bauxite from India, the supply of bauxite from India still fell sharply. Guinea has a large supply of bauxite, but its quality is low. Therefore, our importing companies have increased their purchases of high-grade bauxite from Brazil and Ghana.

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