In Terms Of Aluminum Consumption, China's Imported Waste Aluminum Is Mostly Old Aluminum Scraps Such As Automobile Slices, Which Are Mainly Used For The Production Of Recycled Aluminum Casting Alloys

- Apr 06, 2018 -

In terms of aluminum consumption, China's imported waste aluminum is mostly old aluminum scraps such as automobile slices, which are mainly used for the production of recycled aluminum casting alloys. Since China allows the processing trade of aluminum alloys to export, it imposes an export tariff of 15% on general trade exports. Therefore, most of the aluminum alloys exported by China are recycled aluminum casting alloys exported through processing trade. In 2017, China exported 536,000 tons of aluminum alloys, of which 533,000 tons were exported under processing trade, accounting for 99.2% of total exports, and exports to the United States were only 977.5 tons. Therefore, it can be considered that the impact of this measure on China's aluminum exports is also minimal.

     Comparing China's import of aluminum scrap from the United States and the amount of aluminum alloy exported to the United States, we believe that the import tariff imposed on the scrap aluminum imported from the United States will not have a material impact on the overall supply and demand pattern of the Chinese aluminum market.

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