Industrial Aluminum 6061 Alloy Aluminum Plate In The Application Of The Car Chassis

- Aug 16, 2017 -

The chassis is the vehicle's main frame. All the power parts of the vehicle, including the engine, axle, gearbox, differential, etc., and the suspension system are mounted on the chassis.

The role of the chassis is to support, install the car engine and its components, assembly, the formation of the overall shape of the car, and accept the engine power, so that the car movement, to ensure normal driving. At the same time, a good chassis, can guarantee the safety of the driver's life.

Car chassis occupies a large part of the overall weight of the car, how to ensure the safety of the case to effectively reduce the weight of the body, the car chassis material has a high performance requirements of aluminum.

Car lightweight has the following advantages: 1. Lightweight. All aluminum is more than 100kg lighter than traditional steel. Enhance the power, fuel economy, handling. 2. Corrosion resistance. Durability is higher than steel. 3. more secure. Aluminum is twice the energy of ordinary steel.

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