Industrial Aluminum And Ordinary Aluminum Different Classification And Use Inventory

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Aluminum, aluminum rods are hot melt, squeeze, so as to get different cross-sectional shape of aluminum. Aluminum production process, including casting, extrusion and color of the three processes. Among them, the color mainly include: oxidation, electrophoresis coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder coating, wood grain transfer process. Aluminum use of a wide range, including construction doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and building structures are involved.

By use can be divided into the following categories:

1. Industrial aluminum: mainly used for automated machinery and equipment, the cover of the skeleton and the company according to their own mechanical equipment requirements of a model!

2. CPU radiator dedicated radiator aluminum.

3. doors and windows of the building with doors and windows aluminum.

4. Aluminum alloy aluminum profiles, their difference lies in the cross-sectional shape of the different. But are produced by hot melt extrusion.

  • 1060 Aluminum Plate
  • 2A50 Aluminum Bar
  • 1050 Aluminum Tube
  • 2024 Aluminum Tube
  • 5A02 Aluminum Coil
  • Aluminum Heatsink Profile

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