Industrial Aluminum Ingots

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Industrial aluminum ingots

In our daily industrial raw materials called aluminum ingots, according to national standards (GB / T 1196-2008) should be called "remelting aluminum ingots," but we are accustomed to "aluminum ingots." It is produced using alumina-cryolite by electrolysis. 

After ingot into industrial applications, there are two categories: cast aluminum and deformed aluminum. Casting aluminum and aluminum alloys are castings made of aluminum by the casting method. Deformed aluminum and aluminum alloys are processed products of aluminum by pressure processing: plates, strips, foils, tubes, rods, patterns, wires and forgings. 

According to the national standard, the remelting aluminum ingots are divided into 8 grades by chemical composition, which are Al99.90, Al99.85, Al99.70, Al99.60, Al99.50, Al99.00, Al99.7E and Al99 respectively. 6E "(Note: the number after Al is the aluminum content). Someone called "A00" aluminum, which is actually aluminum with 99.7% aluminum, is called "standard aluminum" in the London market. 

We all know that our country in the fifties technical standards are from the former Soviet Union, "A00" is a Russian national standard in the Soviet Union grade, "A" is the Russian alphabet, not the English "A" word, nor is it a pinyin letter "A" and international standards, saying "standard aluminum" is more precise. Standard aluminum is an aluminum ingot with 99.7% aluminum, registered in the London market.

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