Replacement Of Aluminum To Let Everyone Choose It?

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Industrial aluminum alloy profiles are generally divided into four categories: profiles, plates, pipes and metal products. Generally speaking, structural steels are generally steel used in the construction of metal structures for construction, bridges, ships, boilers or other works. Such as carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, steel and so on. Industrial aluminum alloy is the aluminum rod through the hot melt, squeeze, so as to get different cross-sectional shape of the aluminum material. The industrial aluminum can usually be divided into building aluminum, radiator aluminum, general industrial aluminum, rail vehicle structure aluminum alloy profiles, mounted aluminum and so on. The use of aluminum is also relatively wide, especially in industrial manufacturing accounted for a large number. Iron products with high hardness, high temperature resistance, good processing performance, specific gravity, tensile resistance shear stress; industrial aluminum hardness is low, good ductility, good corrosion resistance, light weight, good electrical conductivity.

From the price, the cost of iron is much lower than the aluminum, but from a long-term perspective, the aluminum is assembled with the iron when the need for welding, but the use of corner nuts and nuts like accessories can be assembled The In the use of the process, even if the maintenance is more time-saving than iron products, and aluminum through oxidation, high corrosion resistance, different from the iron easy to rust and rot, the service life is much longer than the iron!

  • 2A12 Aluminum Plate
  • 3003 Aluminum Plate
  • 2024 Aluminum Bar
  • 5A06 Aluminum Bar
  • 7075 Aluminum Rod
  • 5086 Aluminum Tube

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