Shanghai Aluminum Refresh Four Years Record High Inventory Constraints

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Recently the trend of the city more than eye-catching black line. August 7, Shanghai aluminum main contract 1701 afternoon force, closing up 2.61%, up to 15140 yuan / ton, refresh since April 2013 a new high.

The day of the A-share market with the frequency of vibration, afternoon colored plate rose, the daily rose 3.16%, stocks in the regular aluminum shares, cable through the development of Sheng and resources, the northern rare earth, Minfa aluminum industry, Yi ball resources daily limit, Nanshan Aluminum also Reported up 9.89%.

Prices are rising but stocks are high

Relay coal and steel, electrolytic aluminum market in 2017 to become the highest degree of attention to the new standard. Carrying the banner of supply side reform, aluminum prices from the beginning of about 13,000 yuan / ton, has risen more than 16%.

Business statistics, August 7 East China aluminum market price of 14770 yuan / ton, compared with the beginning of July rose 8%. "Recent market rumors that Hongqiao Aluminum will shut down more than 2 million tons of production capacity by October 15, more than the previous market is expected to 1.4 million tons of production capacity to more, aluminum prices by the vibration rose." Business analyst Ye Jianjun said that since this year aluminum Price by the market to the production capacity of the message significantly, the company shut down production capacity than expected performance, will set off a wave of industry speculation.

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