The Density Of Aluminum

- Jan 25, 2018 -

The density of aluminum

First, the density of aluminum is how much?

The density of aluminum material changes with the change of purity. When its impurity content is higher or the content of aluminum in aluminum alloy is less, the density of aluminum material is bigger. The density of pure aluminum is 2700 kg per cubic. The other series are different according to alloy, Generally between 2.58-2.9.

In general, the density of aluminum is 2.7 g / cm or 2.7 x 10 / m.

Second, how to calculate the density of aluminum?

Can be measured by measuring cylinder, balance obtained data, the data obtained by the density of aluminum. 1, using the balance to get the quality m. 2, the cylinder mounted water, note the volume scale V1.3, with a thin wire tied aluminum rod, immersed in the measuring cylinder, note the volume V2. The density is: p = m / (V2-V1).

Third, how to calculate the weight of aluminum?

Calculate the weight of aluminum plate G = 2.71 (specific gravity of aluminum) × V

For example: aluminum 1 × 1000 * × 1000 to find the aluminum weight?

Calculating G = 2.71 × (0.001 × 1 × 1) = 0.00271 (t)

0.00271t × 1000kg / t = 2.71kg

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