The Difference Between Ordinary Aluminum Alloy And Aerospace Aluminum Alloy

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Aerospace aluminum is an ultra-high strength deformation of aluminum alloy, is currently widely used in the aviation industry. It has good mechanical and processing performance, good solution after the plastic treatment, heat treatment to strengthen the effect is good, generally at 150 ℃ (or even higher) below the high strength, good toughness, is the ideal structural materials.

Aircraft with aluminum and ordinary aluminum compared to the strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance, plastic has a higher demand. As the aviation aluminum light weight, light weight effect is significant, has replaced steel and occupy the dominant position of the current aviation materials. Aviation equipment on the aluminum requirements are higher, is an important high-end aluminum application market.

There are many kinds of aluminum alloy used in aircraft. (3024,2017,2A12, etc.) and ultra-high strength of the 7 series (7075,7475,7050,7A04, etc.), in addition to some of the 5 series (5A06), the United States and the United States, , 5052, 5086, etc.) and 6 series (6061,6082, etc.) and a small amount of other series of aluminum.

  • 6061 Aluminum Rod
  • 5052 Aluminum Tube
  • 1200 Aluminum Coil
  • 5083 Aluminum Coil
  • 5000 Aluminum Strip
  • Aluminum Heatsink Profile

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