The First Trial Of Made In China Aluminum Aluminum Passenger Car Successfully Expanded The Direction Of Deep Processing Of Aluminum Materials

- Feb 23, 2018 -

The first trial of "Made in China" aluminum aluminum passenger car successfully expanded the direction of deep processing of aluminum materials

Reporters learned from Chinalco on the 22nd that the first "Chinalco-made" aluminum passenger car was successfully assembled at Chinalco SWAEC ("Chinalco Southwest Aluminum"). Compared with the same level of traditional steel bus, the car vehicle weight 400 kg, 100 km to reduce power consumption 3.6-7.2 kWh.

Chinalco Southwest Aluminum stakeholders interviewed by the Shanghai Securities News said that the trial version of the bus uses aluminum body skeleton, body base with steel structure, the body skeleton welded and riveted structure, is the full carrying structure bus. Compared with the general passenger car, aluminum body frame structure design greatly reduces the weight of the bus itself, reducing vehicle energy consumption. After effectively reducing the weight of the passenger car, the inertia of the passenger car decreases correspondingly, the braking distance can be effectively shortened, the accelerating performance, the noise and the vibration can be improved, the safety of the passenger car is effectively improved, and the drivability And comfort.

  • Aluminum Office Partition
  • 5A05 Aluminum Sheet
  • 6061 Aluminum Rod
  • 6063 Aluminum Coil
  • Mill Finished Aluminum Strip
  • 5000 Aluminum Strip

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