The Issue Of Environmental Protection Has To Be Mentioned

- Mar 31, 2018 -

The issue of environmental protection has to be mentioned: Last year the government stepped up its environmental protection efforts. The cost of environmental protection for Chinese companies has actually surpassed Western companies in some respects. Then the next job to consider, this I would like to share with you, the first is to step up the development of China's aluminum industry development strategy, in the end how the development of China's aluminum industry. Because it is indeed a period of time now, producing aluminum foil for so many years, we are meeting domestic demand and producing aluminum has been completed. Our aluminum, the import of primary aluminum to the original aluminum balance to the export of primary aluminum, and later to the export of aluminum, these processes have gone through, what to do next? With strict control on the new capacity of electrolytic aluminum, it is meaningful to study the supply-side structural reform. So this time we came to study how to adjust our products and industrial structure and expand our effective supply.

  • Thermal Break Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile
  • 6061 Aluminum Pipe
  • 1100 Aluminum Coil
  • Transportation Aluminum Profile
  • Aluminum Sliding Doors
  • Aluminum Casement Door

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