Treatment Technology Of Industrial Aluminum Profiles

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Industrial aluminum in the surface treatment will produce a lot of waste water, and waste water in a certain amount of harmful substances for emissions, if not treated, will have a certain impact on the environment, then the industrial aluminum waste water treatment which waste water treatment Technology, the following we understand the specific.

1, aluminum surface treatment of wastewater sources and types

The surface treatment of aluminum surface treatment of the pretreatment of degreasing and after the acid washing water, alkali corrosion after the alkaline washing water, acid water after acid washing, oxidized acid washed water, after coloring with Ni2 +, Sn2 +, Acid water washing, electrophoretic paint ion exchange device produced waste acid, waste alkali and a small amount of electrophoretic paint wastewater. Acid, containing Al3 +, Ni2 +, Sn2 +, Sn4 +, Na +, Cr3 + and other cations, and SO42-, F-, NO3-, Cl-, AlO2-, Ac- and other anions, as well as surfactants and acrylic Resin and other organic matter.

2, to reduce waste water and waste discharge approach

Reduce the waste water and waste solution has a reasonable way to control the water control time and control the loading angle to reduce the amount of bath, as far as possible the use of two three-stage countercurrent rinse to reduce water consumption. Acid etching and degreasing water after washing with alkali corrosion, after washing water for acid etching and degreasing after washing.

3, aluminum surface treatment of wastewater treatment principles and methods

Aluminum surface treatment of waste water, mainly acid-base wastewater, containing Ni2 +, Sn2 +, F- and other small amount of harmful cations, the treatment is acid and alkali and. Wastewater is generally acidic, to be added alkali and adjust the PH value to 7-8.5 or so. At the same time in the process of cationic Al3 +, Ni2 +, Sn2 +, Cr3 + and so on the formation of hydroxide precipitation.After the precipitation, the supernatant from the overflow after the overflow into the discharge tank or re-treatment of the reservoir.

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